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The Making of the T2: Ultimate Edition DVD

El Cosmico here, with a bit of the web for the curious to explore...

These days, the T2 Ultimate Edition is seen as a fine example of the capabilities of the DVD format, and rightfully so. Hopefully most of you won't find this TERRIBLY shocking, but I don't own it. A couple of folks I know do, but to be honest, I just don't care for T2 that much as a film, and it's not the sort of movie I feel compelled to own. I already have sufficiently wonderful discs with which to show off my system. All of that aside, though, I thought a good lot of you would be interested in some web content that Apple put up, regarding the creation of this, one of the most elaborately produced DVDs yet put on the market.

Head over to:

There you will find three webpages with a good many links, basically, this is an advertisement for using the Macintosh for multimedia production. Not surprising for an Apple page, but in truth, the praise is mostly deserved. Also of interest is a fun little (unfortunately on the low-res side) promo reel for the DVD, and on the end of the third page, there are helpful links to the two best hyperlinks around for those who have a further interest in the production of this disc.

So, go click around, and become a more informed individual. Suckle at the teat of Athena, drink the milk of Wisdom.

-El Cosmico

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  • Sept. 4, 2000, 3:52 a.m. CST

    It's too bad...

    by Vincent D.

    ...That the DVD format was in limbo for so long while the MPAA tried to find a way to encrypt it (and boy, didn't they do a good job of that!) or else this might be "the" DVD to own for the general public. Instead, the highest-selling DVD is the Matrix. In fact, recent figures indicate that about half of all households with DVD players have it on DVD. I don't think it's bad The Matrix is so popular, I just think that something like this T2 Special Edition is better at showing off the format...

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 4:49 a.m. CST

    I wouldn't be bragging if I was you.

    by Darth Satan

    I'm actually ashamed I don't yet own T2 SE. A true DVD collection has to have this movie. ID4 was a terrible movie, but the DVD SE was such a work of art I had to by it, but do to my current finicial situation, I won't be able to buy T2 for awhile. Besides T2 was a great film.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 4:56 a.m. CST

    T2 problem

    by darqleo

    Anyone else experience a random *pop* noise enimating from their speakers about every 15 during the T2-Special Edition movie in DTS mode??? Doesn't happen on my other DVDs so it can't be the speakers or receiver.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 4:57 a.m. CST


    by darqleo

    add "minutes" after the 15 in my previous post

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 5:41 a.m. CST

    T2:UE DVD

    by oh-Dawg

    This DVD sucks, and I'll tell you why- because my motherfucking DVD player can't play it correctly! I got some tips from a guy on this site on what the problem is (Thank You) but I haven't had time to see if I can fix it. Shit, I might have to get a new Player if more films start using this technology. The extras are great, though. And El Cosmico: You call yourself a geek, shame on you!

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 6:17 a.m. CST

    Now I want it!

    by 60091

    I passed it up at the DVD store for The Sound of Music DVD. Now I am going back today to get it. I hope the store is opened on a holiday. That Promo reel at the Apple site sold it for me.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 8:15 a.m. CST

    such brilliant comments...

    by El Cosmico

    Hmm.. I woke up early today, so what the heck. To Gorgar2, well, I never said I liked Survivor OR wrestling, Hercules is the one who said he liked Survivor, and I think I've been pretty clear that I think wrestling sucks, so I really don't know what you're talking about. Oh, and contrary to your comment, I actually don't wish I had kids to beat. I'm sorry that you think T2 is a brilliant movie...and that I "flat out stink" for not owning it on DVD, it's a matter of taste, if you can't handle it, please get out of the house more and get some priorities in your life. To the people who have problems with the DTS tracks (darqleo), well, that's because there are compatibility problems with the DVD-18 (single disc) version of this Ultimate Edition, in fact, they're now shipping 2-disc versions of this DVD, because the problems are so severe. If I were you, I'd contact the manufacturer and ask for the new set. Finally, to oh-Dawg, I don't remember ever calling myself a geek.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 8:48 a.m. CST

    Don't let these idiots get to you, Cosmico.

    by Dextarin

    Cosmico, I will support you in your decision not to own this DVD. Heck, for me, I think BraveHeart is a better movie to use for showing off a system. I purchased a Toshiba CW34x92 high definition TV and a progressive scan Toshiba SD5109 DVD player. I also have the laserdisc version of BraveHeart to compare against the DVD. On this setup, the difference is NIGHT and DAY! Though the laserdisc looks extreme sharp and good quality, the DVD looks like the actual FILM shown in the theaters. For me, this a much better way to show off the advantages of DVD. Though T2 is full of action and neat effects, I think BraveHeart is a prettier movie with more heart and better choice for showing off a system or for simply watching a movie. Also, the Toshiba SD5109 holds two discs at once. So, I don't think it will effect me at all if they do repackage the disc on 2 discs if I eventually decided to get it. I'd just like to know why Cameron didn't put his better films like Abyss and Titanic in Anamorphic widescreen. I suppose it's good enouch that Aliens is anamorphic.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 10:36 a.m. CST

    People having trouble viewing this and other discs

    by harosa

    This is what happens when people go on the cheap when purchasing their players thinking they were getting a steal. My Panasonic A310 is almost 3 years old and I have not had a single problem viewing any DVDs, and I mean all the problem ones, from Braveheart, T2 to the Matrix. I also have my player on at least twice a day since I got it so lack of use isn't why it never messes up. Just a reminder to never enter something half ass.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 10:47 a.m. CST

    of course, harosa does have a fine point...

    by El Cosmico

    My Pioneer 515 has likewise never experienced such compatibility issues with well-known problem discs. Perhaps the high-end players are a bit extravagant, but woes such as these warn us all against the easy sloth of bargain-hunting, and should encourage consideration of more mid-range and reputable players.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 10:50 a.m. CST


    by RightWing Dude

    I got this information off of the www.DVD homepage:"Insert the side/disc that contains the feature presentation and from the disc's main menu, select 'Special Edition' which brings up a dedicated menu to access the film's Special Edition cut. On the right hand side of the panel you will notice some weird, unreadable symbols that will give you access to the hidden feature - actually they are roman numbers. Take your remote control and press the key combination '82997' - the date of Judgment Day in the movie - and the symbols on the side should change to the text 'The Future Is Not Set.' If they don't, please make sure to press the 'Enter' key on your remote control after every one of the digits. Once correctly entered, the eyes of the endoskeleton will light up and you will see a new menu entry appearing, giving you access to the 'Extended Special Edition' version of the movie with the alternate ending and other scenes integrated in the film. If this approach is too tedious for you, there's an even simpler and faster way to access the additional cut. Simply use your remote control and go directly to Title 3 and you will also get to see the Extended Special Edition cut of the movie." Personally, I liked the special edition much better than the theatrical as it provided more in-depth insight into the character's motivations and even resolved a few minor plot-holes. I'm glad I bought it. Thanks goodness for E-bay for allowing me to get rid of the original DVD edition.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 10:58 a.m. CST


    by RightWing Dude

    Get the latest Sony player. I had an RCA player for 2 years and it was the biggest piece of crap I've ever wasted my money on. Customer service was a joke and told me that I would need to pay $80 just to have it inspected JUST TO DETERMINE IF IT NEEDED TO BE REPAIRED. I then (wisely) spent my money on the latest Sony model which CONSUMER REPORTS labled the best player on the market. T2 played fine without any problems to speak of! My philosophy in life is to always buy Sony above all of the other competing brands.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 11:30 a.m. CST

    Both are great movies...

    by Jackass

    Both T2 and Braveheart are great movies and worth owning. I bought BH at Best Buy the day it came out. Not because I like it better, but because it was $9.99. You can't beat that one.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 12:33 p.m. CST

    El Cosmico, why this needs to be in your collection...

    by knight_of_Ni!

    When I heard about this disc, I thought "why should I get it when I already have the VHS box, the original silver laserdisc box, and the Special Edition laserdisc box?" I had everything, right? But then Best Buy had it for 22 bucks (the cheapest of any of its previous incarnations) and was in a nifty metal container. Expecting no surprises, I popped this thing in and DAMN!! This is how a DVD should be put together! Screw what you think about the movie El Cosmico, look at this thing's layout and marvel. The animated menus rock, they're easy to navigate, and they actually make sense to what the whole story is. C'mon, your infiltrating Skynet to get all the making of crap! Not to mention the fact that this disc (as did the Laserdisc box that stands as the hallmark of my collection) litterally gives you everything you ever could ask as to how T2 was made. I used to work at a camera rental house as a prep tech, and I'd have guys asking me about Super 35, what it is and why do people use it. I'd just show 'em Cameron's little display of the Super 35 full screen with his marking lines showing where he pulled the image from, and how he uses it to get the best pan-and-scan material he can for those oh so awful VHS folk. To see little segments about exactly what each effects house did on the show really helps you understand how many pieces make the puzzle. Then there's the ability to read the different drafts of the script? That's awesome! You guys are always getting that priveledge of seeing a movie evolve, it's great for us to see it too. Fight Club had a boat load of shit on it's discs, but this thing whipes it's ass with that. You have discs to show off your system, fine. This disc should be used to show off the format. T2 is for me what Ben Hur on laser was to others; I grudgingly buy every version that comes out, and I never cease to be pleased with the outcome. And by the way, that's a lame ass review. I really expected a detailed report of all the goodies, including the hidden ones, as you usually are so apt to report on. I guess asking a reviewer to sit through that many hours of something they dislike is too much to ask for though, huh? I mean, it's not like that's your job or anything. Lord knows we won't be getting a full essay on the Princess Mononake disc when that comes out (oooooh, it has different languages, including French!). Just go buy the freakin' movie and give it it's proper props.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 1:53 p.m. CST


    by RockStarJebus

    Knock it off with that stupid-ass "fooking" bullshit. just say "fucking" that's just fucking queer. you people are a bunch of dumbasses.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 4:13 p.m. CST

    I've already bought T2 on video Twice, Dam it.

    by Roborob

    I never actualy Bought T2 when it came out on video, I was waiting for the Set of T1 & T2 as I had not bought the original film yet either. In the event I bought a limited edition metal boxed set which Contained T1, T2 and the Making of T2. This was OK with me until last year when a specialt extended T-1000 Edition was released with extra scenes and better sound. I bought that BUT now I'm expected to Buy yet another version, FORGET IT !

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 5:39 p.m. CST

    I just dont get it.

    by The Muts Nuts

    Why is everyone so adamant that you must own a pile of shit film just coz the disc kicks ass? I dont get it at all, as far as i can see DVD is a medium of distribution for film. I'm not saying T2 is shit just a little hollow and soulless after the tour de force of the original. I will say ID4 sucked the cats knackers though,and to say that you must own it becouse the disc is AWESOME borders on the FUCKIN STUPID "OOOH LOOK AT ME I OWN A STATE OF THE ART VIDEO PLAYING DEVICE, LETS WATCH ID4 ITS TOTAL SHIT." "But why would you want to watch total shit?" "COZ IT HAS DTS SOUND AND ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREN YOU DAFT TWAT" "Oh I see but do you have a dts decoder and is your telly widescreen?" "NO..... BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER . ITS JUST COZ IM A FUCKIN POSEUR AND THE FACT THAT ITS ON A DIGITAL MEDIUM GIVES THE FILM AN AIR OF RESPECTABILITY IT DOESN'T DESERVE DO YOU SEE?" "So let me get this straight the film is shit , the extras are mostly superfluous after the first veiwing aand unless you're a poor little rich boy or a techno geek most of the sound and display options are redundant?" " WELL ........ ER.... YOU GOTTA OWN THIS DISC!!"" Got any porn? "

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 6:34 p.m. CST

    DC DVD

    by X-Girls

    Will AICN let us know when Sega plans to put a DVD add-on to the Dreamcast?? Or any news of that sort? Thanks

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 7:35 p.m. CST

    My 2 cents

    by JLF175

    I'm all for El Cosmico having his own opinion. While I don't agree that's what makes open forums fun. He's not bashing what they did with the DVD, he seems to just not like the movie. I feel the same way about ID4. My 2 cents on the DVD (okay, probably worth one cent): I already owned T2 on VHS but when I heard there was to be added scenes and such I decided what the heck, I had done the same with "Aliens." My biggest interest: the additional footage. I've casually glanced at some of the bonuses on the other side (deleted scenes, picking of characters to name a few) but the rest seems like a lot of Showtime or TV specials thrown and spliced onto the DVD. Maybe something to show off later. Bottomline: they packed bunches of crap on this DVD and it's a fun movie to blast through the speakers.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 8:36 p.m. CST

    T2 SE DVD: Old dog, new tricks


    It's funny... I own damn near every funky incarnation of T2, except for a plain old, pan & scan VHS copy. I got the T1 and T2 set with the hologram (Letterboxed VHS,) I got the T2 SE tape with the "More Than Meets The Eye" special, and I felt like I was King Shit when I plunked down $120 to buy Pioneer's "You Can't Fuck With Me" SE LaserDisc about 5 years ago. I knew the DVD would basically be a transfer of the LD onto the smaller format ("Film School in a box" becomes "film school on a disc,") so I just figured mt best bet was to find the cheapest price around, cause I knew I was going to buy it anyway, and there couldn't have been much "new" stuff on it that I hadn't seen before. SHEE-YIT. This disc kicks ALL ass. It really IS the disc to show off the format. 3 different versions of the film on one disc, all the supplements from the LD now improved by DVD technology (see the sound effects and editing chapters that use the alternate audio tracks and alternate angle features,) as well as the T2 3D stuff, AND a transfer of the film that is audio and video perfection in every way. This disc is what DVD is all about. The only things left for Jim Cameron now are spectacularly stunning SE's for True Lies and Titanic. OH, BY THE WAY! To those who don't know... Van Ling, the guy who supervised the T2 disc, as well as the DVD for The Abyss, is currently at work for a SPECIAL EDITION DVD FOR T1!!! I have no idea what will be on it, but I am hoping for deleted scenes and a remixed soundtrack (seeing how T1 has only ever been in mono... such injustice!) It's supposed to be out sometime next year. Sweeeeet. Lightstormer OUT.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 9:40 p.m. CST

    RE: seven_11

    by RockStarJebus

    What the fuck is "fooking" anyway? is that fucking ebonics or something? I mean, what the fuck, it just sounds gay. It sounds like you're trying to be cool and different, but you're coming across as a fucking retard that can't say a word corectly.

  • Sept. 4, 2000, 10:13 p.m. CST

    Worse than geeks...,

    by Talandir

    Geez, some of you guys are absolutely nuts! BUY a movie because of the cool extras, even if you don't like the MOVIE?!?!?!What kind of MORON would do that? The same kind of gimmick obsessed uber-dweeb that bought all the chrome-holo-embossed-multi-foldout-super collector-limited-variant cover comics a few years back without any concern for the quality of the comic itself, that's who. And you guys who did helped ruin the comic industry. Just a word of warning about what can happen when packaging becomes more important than content! Now I often disagree with friends over the quality of individual films, and yes I too am not a big T2 fan; but if my friends like and want to buy it, great. If I don't, guess what? That's okay too. As long as you actually LIKE the movie, thats cool. If I don't, don't think you're gonna get me to spend any more money on it than what I spent one time at the box office.

  • Sept. 5, 2000, 12:15 a.m. CST

    T1 special edition

    by Jedi Clampett

    Hey Lightstormer, I hope you're telling the truth about the T1 special edition. If any classic needs an overhaul, it's T1. Also, did I understand you right that the new T2 DVD package has more stuff than the big laser disc box? I was going to be content with my laser, but if there's more on the DVD, then I definitely want it.

  • Sept. 5, 2000, 2:49 a.m. CST

    To El Cosmico

    by oh-Dawg

    Sorry, I was just trying to be funny (Boy, did that backfire). The guys who had posted before me were ripping on you so I thought I'd throw in a little irony. I actually don't give a shit whether you like the movie or not.

  • Sept. 5, 2000, 10:36 a.m. CST

    gnnnnnnnnn, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRAAAAAH!!!!!!

    by mrsnow

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but you lot just take the piss, i've never read a talkback with so many whiney comments, its easy, just follow these simple rules: 1) if you like the movie, buy it. 2) if you want the dvd, buy it. 3) if you don't like the film, don't buy it. 4) if you don't want the dvd, don't buy it. see, its simple. I agree that a lot of the points are valid, but hey, many of you will think i'm just rambling on, and the only reason i am is cos i'm at work, bored. oh well. seeya. T2, THE MOVIE; kicks ass, in my opinion, if any fans out there were wondering.

  • Sept. 5, 2000, 12:37 p.m. CST


    by ProTool

    Good DVD, but supplementary stuff was all on the 3 laserdisc set that was out about 4 years ago. The only new thing is the "Making of T23D" video. Menus are great though, and the sound is definately punchier than the old THX Pro-Logic mix, and MUCH, much better than the previous DVD's 5.1 mix. The biggest kick I got was the new Dolby "space" trailer(which, if you have a kick-ass system, will sound dynomite)and the specialty T2-THX trailer with the T-1000 bits morphing into the THX logo. If you're one of the few out there who have the T2 laserdisc already and don't have a Dolby Digital sound system don't bother with the DVD, as you already have 90% of the disc. If you are in the majority, and ESPECIALLY if you have a 5.1 system, this disc is a must have.

  • Sept. 5, 2000, 9:24 p.m. CST

    The Best DVD ever

    by darius25

    is of course Fight Club guys. I mean, the sound and video is SUPERB!!!!!! Then, the 4 commentaries, along with deleted scenes, extras, advertising, promos, music videos, etc.. What more can you ask for ??? The only thing missing was the friggin script but then you have the commentary by Jim Uhls and Chuck Palahniuk to make up for that. It's definately the best DVD EVER!!!

  • Sept. 6, 2000, 10:33 a.m. CST

    Tend to Agree with Darius25 but...

    by Hellboy

    It's true, the Fight Club DVD package is much better. The surround-sound mix in T2, however, is some of the most superb I've ever heard. The only thing that really sucks about T2 is the packaging. That metal box? The way the booklet has to sit outside the dvd case? Lame. Lame, lame, lame. Leave that stupid marketing bullshit to people still buying VHS, man. Give us a little practicality here. And how can El Cosmico not dig T2 that much when I hear him go koo-koo over bad tv on a daily basis? One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

  • Sept. 6, 2000, 2:33 p.m. CST

    The best DVD?

    by Pilcrow

    The problem with calling anything the "best" is that someone's bound to disagree with you. Learn to live with that. If you love T2, then this may well be the best DVD you've ever bought. If you hate T2, wait for one of your favorite films to get the special treatment.*******That being said, all this crap about "cheap" DVD players is crap. The truth is that there have been refinements made to the technology since '97. Some older players, such as my RCA, are compatible. Some aren't. The industry had better get their act together on this, as most people don't want to drop $200+ on a new DVD player every two years. The bad news is that there are more discs like T2 on the way. The Special Edition of Men In Black is tapping the same technology.******As for you high-end videophiles, grab a copy of the Evil Dead 2 Tin from Anchor Bay. Hilarious commentary from Campbell, Raimi, et al, a great making of that focuses almost entirely on the FX, and a THX anamorphic master. And to make sure you get the most from that THX experience, the disc includes THX Optimode, which is a series of tests allowing you to set your video/audio equipment for optimum performance. Yes, it's another Evil Dead 2 release, but Anchor Bay does a nice job with these. The tin's limited to 50,000 units, and I don't know if the THX feature will appear on the regular disc.

  • Sept. 6, 2000, 5:21 p.m. CST

    I have one thing to ask about these great supplements!

    by The Black Adder

    WHERE DIRECTLY THE FUCK IS THE GUNS N ROSES VIDEO? The packaging says it has all this great stuff but there is no video. Yeah, I get to see five or so JAPANESE trailers for the movie but no FUCKING VIDEO? WHAT THE FUCK MAN? Aside from that little pimple, the disc is pretty good. BUT I STILL WANT MY VIDEO!!!!

  • Sept. 7, 2000, 10:30 a.m. CST

    THX Optimode is also on the T2 disc and, most likely, on the Men

    by Hellboy

    And if you have it and you have a 5.1 surround system, use it. It helps. Turns out I crossed my wires by accident while rearranging my system.

  • Sept. 7, 2000, 11:55 p.m. CST

    Man. I feel like a dickhead.

    by Wheel99

    I bought this disc and right away I was blown away by the graphics so much so that my head exploded. ACTUALLY blew right the fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the AICN snobs tell me its shit. What a fool I was. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat pissed in cornflakes with no head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks guys....

  • Sept. 8, 2000, 9:34 a.m. CST

    I forgot to mention...

    by Pilcrow

    T2:UE is worth the money just for the special THX intro.

  • Sept. 8, 2000, 3:09 p.m. CST

    Guys, I want T2-UE on 2 DVDs, not 1. How can I get it.

    by Art-man

    I am a big fan of T2, and I have been ever since I first saw it in a theater in Japan, where I was stationed at the time. I want the two-DVD-9 edition, though, NOT the single DVD-18 edition. Are the two different editions labeled and packaged the same? How can I tell 'em apart? Is the 2-DVD set out yet? Tell me, guys, tell me, tell me, TELL ME! -- Er, I'll be back.