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The Russos Very Obliquely Tease The Next CAPTAIN AMERICA Film!!

Yahoo has a discussion with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, whose amazing CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER will soon see release on home video (September 9).  

While nothing earth shattering is revealed in the piece, the duo/siblings do provide a few info-morsels worthy of consideration.  

Per Yahoo… 

Although the heart of the movie will be Steve Rogers’ complicated relationship with his childhood friend Bucky Barnes, the themes of politics and power will still be in play. 


…the Russo brothers promise that they’re “bringing some new elements to the table that will give us a twist on Winter Soldier.” Does this mean that Steve Rogers will pass the Captain America shield to Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. the Winter Soldier) or Sam Wilson (a.k.a. the Falcon), both of whom have donned the stars-and-stripes in the comics? With actor Chris Evans shifting his focus to directing, and Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie already in place as the Winter Soldier and the Falcon respectively, the next film could allow a new hero to step in.

Note that the commentary immediately above is Yahoo’s speculation and may not necessarily represent the intent of the Russos’ tease.  Nonetheless, Yahoo’s theories are not without merit - especially given recently expressed sentiments like THIS from Evans himself. 

We’ll see how this all shakes out.  At the very least, and given Marvel’s recent track record, it’s a safe bet it’ll be interesting to say the very least.  

More from Yahoo/the Russos HERE.




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