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AICN COMICS: Dr. Karen Oughton reports from this year's London Film & Comic Con!

Doctor Karen Oughton here. London Film & Comic Con has just taken place in England and there was pretty much something for every fandom you can think of as the event, run by Showmasters, expanded to fill two huge exhibition spaces at Earl’s Court. The big draw was the attendance of none other than Stan Lee among other stars and the halls were filled with cosplayers as well as film and comic memorabilia galore.

Stan Lee (reportedly on his last European visit) signed autographs, posed for photos with fans and took part in a number of talks and Q&A sessions. Lee was joined by a plethora of other big names including George A. Romero and members of the cast of STAR WARS, if the latter were tight-lipped owing to their continuing contracts. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s Anthony Head was also a fan favorite.

The halls were full to the brim with everything from comics to cosplay contact lenses and full size swords that looked impressively real as well as sets from series such as Sherlock. Another big draw was the cosplay. Many of the costumes were extremely intricate and cannon-correct and a number of the players stayed in character throughout. This was impressive as it was absolutely boiling hot (particularly for notoriously rain-swept England), so a huge amount of kudos is due to star players including the old school Whovians, a Chewbacca and the Scarecrow seen here. I also got in on the act and cosplayed Desire from Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN. I’ve been bitten firmly by the bug!

The atmosphere was amazing according to many of the attendees interviewed. There were, however, reported issues with long waiting times attributed to celebrity ill health. This led to a number of signature and photograph seekers missing out on their sessions with the stars. Some attendees also voiced their concerns about potential overcrowding at the venue, although organizers Showmasters have stated that appropriate health and safety precautions were taken at all times. Showmasters are now understood to be handling the issues of anyone with post-event queries or complaints.

Interviewer: Dr Karen Oughton
Filming: Wyldewood Film
Video editing: Dark Morte

Here's another video featuring non-exclusive material and featuring Dark Morte as co-interviewer as we talk with some cosplayers below!

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