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A Nifty Video Tour Of The Warner Bros Museum Commemorates BATMAN’s 75th Anniversary!!

As you may alrerady know by now, and a fact you could not escape if you attended San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of BATMAN.  

The folks over at Beyond the Marquee have posted a fun new video commemorating the occasion.  Specifically, it’s a tour of the Warner Bros Museum with archivist Mark Greenhalgh and John Kourounis (Warner Bros. VIP Tours).  Some interesting stuff, including a look at all of the movie Batmobiles.  

Check it out below…


Over the weekend, I Tweeted that my 7 year old son saw the infamous ‘nipples on Batman’ suit on display at Comic-Con this weekend…

BatNip Comic-Con 2015


…pointed to it and said, “Batman has boobies!”  And then fell to the floor laughing.  

Thanks for that, Joel.  And all hail Bill Finger.  




Glen Oliver




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