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Spierig Brothers to Write and Direct WINCHESTER for Hammer!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Just days after we posted the trailer for PREDESTINATION, the new film from Australian directors Michael and Peter Spierig (UNDEAD, DAYBREAKERS), Deadline announces that the duo have signed on to a new, and potentially interesting project.

The brothers have come aboard to re-write and direct WINCHESTER for Hammer films. The film will be a period piece that will focus on the infamous Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. After the deaths of her husband and child, she visited a medium and became convinced that the development of the Winchester rifle had forever cursed her family. As directed by the medium, Sarah began construction on a sprawling mansion in San Jose, California in 1884. She believed that the only way to keep the angry spirits at bay was to continue construction on her house. Building never stopped over the course of the next 38, leading to a hugely sprawling mansion.

It's definitely an interesting premise to explore for a ghost story, and one that is right up Hammer's alley. To make it even more exciting, filming will take place inside the house itself, which has become a popular tourist destination over the years. They are looking to start filming in early 2015.

“We can’t wait to see what the Spierig brothers unearth as they delve in to the mysteries of Sarah Winchester and her infamous haunted house,” said Tobin Armbrust of Hammer Films. “As the first feature film ever shot inside the Winchester Mystery House, we are excited to have these fantastic filmmakers bring their unique vision to the table.”


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