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Latino Review’s El Mayimbe aka Umberto Gonzalez is set to direct the digital actioner, BREAKNECK!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. As I gear up for a fierce SDCC experience, I was made aware of this bit of info dropped at The Hollywood Reporter about the Latino Review’s El Mayimbe aka Umberto Gonzalez who is getting into the movie making game with a new film, BREAKNECK!

The low budget film’s synopsis reads; The story follows a New York City bodega clerk who must go on the run from a corrupt private militarized company after discovering incriminating information and being framed for murder. The project will be presented as an episodic digital series on Vetted Media's YouTube channel, with the episodes being released all at once.

I look forward to checking out BREAKNECK as it looks to begin filming before the end of the year The combo of the Latin lead, the micro budget, and the intent to cross promote between Latino and American market is definitely giving me an EL MARIACHI vibe to this actioner, which is ok by me as I feel that was one of Robert Rodriguez’ best films.

When a fellow member of the online community does good, it’s worth shouting about, so congrats El, you deserve it!

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