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Aye! The Next PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Film Has An Official Release Date!!


The very slow development of the fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film - coupled with Johnny Depp’s recent string of box office under-performers - have led some to peculate that the next installment of that hugely lucrative franchise might conceivably not pan out.  

This scuttlebutt was never entirely logical when one considers the raw numbers:  ON STRANGER TIDES, the fourth and arguably weakest entry in the cinematic series, earned well over $1 billion.  Meaning folks may not be racing to see Johnny Depp movies in and of themselves, but as far as anyone can tell, Captain Jack Sparrow is still gold.  

Hence, it’s not terribly surprising that, as of today, a new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film has been officially set to release on July 17, 2017.  Producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently indicated that this new outing will be less fantastical and more piratey (my wording, not his, but his words are HERE) than past installments - even suggesting there may be no beasties and fantasy at all.  

How will audiences accustomed to Jack Sparrow’s mental and monsterish universe react to a film which deviates sharply from a formula which has so strongly characterized the franchise to date?  This answer very much depends on what they feed us instead.  And, now, we’ll be finding out soon enough.  

As far as we know, KON-TIKI helmets Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg are still on-board, although there’s no word on whether the DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES subtitle is still in play (I’m not sure that was ever officially confirmed to begin with). 



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