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Edgar Wright's Next Project Revealed!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

After the disappointing news that Edgar Wright was stepping away from Marvel's ANT-MAN, many fans were left out in the cold. Sure, Marvel secured the directing talents of Peyton Reed to take the reins, which will hopefully be awesome, but what of Wright? And more importantly, what about me? I was stoked for the film, not only to see what Wright's ANT-MAN would look like, but was also super-psyched for a new film from one of my very favorite directors. 

One of the most unfortunate side effects to these deals falling through in the eleventh hour is that the artist has already spent months working behind the scenes to get the film off the ground, so killing it just means we have to wait that much longer for them to get going on their next project..

But fear not! Deadline is reporting that Edgar Wright may already be set to move into production on his next project, BABY DRIVER. 

It's apparently a script that Wright has been working on for some time, but we really don't know too much about it. Deadline reports that the film is described as "as a collision of crime, action, music and sound," which doesn't really say anything, other than that it sounds like an Edgar Wright film, and I am already excited to see it.

No word yet on whether longtime collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be teaming up with Wright again on this one, but with the Cornetto Trilogy wrapping up last year, I would kind of be surprised if that was the direction he took this new project. I certainly wouldn't complain if they did make an appearance, though.

Added to this good news is the fact that Working Title is reportedly putting the film on the fast track, so if all goes well, we won't have to wait too terribly long.

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