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JJ Abrams reveals a rusted out, beat up awesome looking X-Wing in new video!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I have to run out of the room in less than 20 minutes for a super secret awesome set visit and as crazy awesome as it is to visit this particular set I'm sad to report that it is not Star Wars. However, I saw this video from JJ Abrams and had to put some words down about it so let's see if I can get this done before I have to rush out!

One of my favorite aspects of the original trilogy was the used universe feel to the production design and the props. The location shooting helped that feel as well. The end result was a story that was full of fantasy and wide-eyed wonder, but one that was grounded in a reality we all recognized.

If the state of the X-Wing as glimpsed in the newest Omaze Force For Change charity initiative is any indication that used world look is being taken to the next level. There's also an appearance by one of my favorite droids from the OT! Take a look:



Check out the awesome detail... the paint is peeling, rust show on the body of the starship like liverspots... That thing actually looks like a hunk o' junk that might or might actually fly.

One of the amazing things about this franchise is that the iconography of the universe is so vast that these little teases (first the new puppet creature and now this X-Wing) do more to pique interest than a teaser trailer. You can show a background character or vehicle and it's an event. The fact that Abrams is using that as a way to help a charity earns a great deal of respect from me.

So, there's four days left to donate to Omaze and you can not only still win that set visit/cameo role, but they've offered up the chance for a private pre-release screening for you and your closest friends as well. It's a good charity, so you're an automatic winner for donating, but imagine if you get picked to actually be a part of Star Wars! The mind reels...


-Eric Vespe
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