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AICN COMICS PREVIEW: Check out a few choice pages from DC Vertigo’s UNWRITTEN: APOCALYPSE #7! In stores Wednesday!

Ambush Bug here. I have heard a ton of good things about Mike Carey and Peter Gross’ THE UNWRITTEN: APOCALYPSE series from DC Vertigo. The book seems to incorporate a lot of the elements that made SANDMAN a fan fave, mixed with HARRY POTTER and a little bit of FABLES, but still is its own unique beast.

Here’s the synopsis of this issue; In a dark land ruled by a crippled king, Tom Taylor searches for the one thing that can save the world–but maybe the whole quest is a trap that’s just been waiting for him to arrive...

Issue #7 of THE UNWRITTEN: APOCALYPSE is available this Wednesday! Click on the images to make ‘em grow!

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