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Live in Chicago? Capone has seats to an early screening of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Oh. Yeah!!!

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here.

In many ways, Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (opening August 1) is the riskiest film the comic book giant has released since the first IRON MAN. IRON MAN may seem like a safe bet today, but upon its release, it was an unknown quantity outside of the world of comic book fans. Comparatively speaking, GUARDIANS is virtually unknown even among a great many comic book readers, let alone the general public, which makes it all the more exciting to see it come to life in such a fully realized, big-budget way.

I have a great deal of confidence that the film is in the right hands. Director James Gunn is himself something of an outsider, a product of the Troma film system (I saw Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo in GUARDIANS footage screened a couple weeks ago), and a talented writer and director of such films as SLITHER and SUPER. GUARDIANS is just a crazy enough combination of the unknown and the bizarre to show the world another side of the Marvel cinematic universe that just so happens to link into all that has been established to date, and somehow start us down the path to whatever transpires in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. But if you’re still reading this, you don’t need any further convincing.

And there just happens to be an early screening of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY happening here in Chicago on Wednesday, July 23 at a theater in downtown Chicago (the exact location will only be given to winners), and I have a whole lot of reserved tickets for a fortunate Ain’t It Cool News readers to attend. Here’s how to win…

To win a pair of tickets (or just one, if that's all you want), send me an email at (please note the new email address) with the subject line “What A Bunch of A-Holes” (exactly like that). In the body of the email, I need your Full Name, whether or not you're bringing a Guest (each winner may bring ONE confirmed guest--if I think you gave your +1 to someone trolling for free tickets at the theater, you won't get in), and the answer to the following question: “What Marvel comic book character/team is in desperate need of his, her, their own film, and why?” Keep your responses BRIEF--no more than 100 words (no matter how tempted you are to go over the limit). Best answers (as determined by me) win, and you'll hear from me VERY SOON if you won, so check your email over the weekend!

This is not an exclusive Ain't It Cool News event, but winners' tickets will be held until 15 minutes before showtime (meaning 6:45pm), at which time any unclaimed tickets will be given away; no exceptions. So you should arrive early to make sure you get in and get a good seat. If you can't arrive early, don't enter this contest. If there's even the slightest chance you or your guest will have to back out of attending or arrive late if you do win, don't enter. If you have a job that might make you late or unable to attend, or an ill/pregnant relative, or a temperamental significant other, or a scratchy throat, do not enter. And the 24-hour-notice-to-cancel rule is done. If you win and don't show up, the Black List is your new best friend.

Good luck, everyone! And thanks to the Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios for giving us this very cool screening.

-- Steve Prokopy
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