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Trailer for Art Forgery Documentary ART AND CRAFT!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

This looks really interesting. Deadline has premiered the trailer for ART AND CRAFT, a documentary centering on a forgery artist who has been duping the art world for decades. Subject Mark Landis has been recreated known works of art and has conned museum professionals into believing his masterful reproductions are actually the real thing, securing space on their walls and places in their exhibitions. 

The twist is that he isn't selling the pieces and profiting off of his forgeries - he donates them, free of charge, to these establishments, seemingly just to be able to pull one over on them and see his work on the wall in place of the work it is representing.

The film also spends time with Landis' nemesis, former museum registrar Matthew Leininger, who has been building a case against the forgery artist for years.

It definitely looks like an interesting subject, opening a window and casting a new light on the art world, much like MY KID COULD PAINT THAT and Don Argott's THE ART OF THE STEAL. 

The film comes from directors Sam Cullman (IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT) and Jennifer Grausman (PRESSURE COOKER). Oscilloscope Laboratories will open ART AND CRAFT beginning September 19th.


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