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A Trailer For The CONJURINGverse Spin-Off ANNABELLE!!

Here’s a trailer for ANNABELLE, which is not massively related to 2013’s THE CONJURING….per se…but is more an offshoot ‘verse’ story featuring a creepy-ass prop pointedly introduced in the progenitor film.  

CONJURING’ helmer James Wan is on-board as producer for this picture, which is helmed John R. Leonetti - the Director of Photography on PIRANHA 3D, THE CONJURING, Wan’s INSIDIOUS, and 1989’s AN EIGHT IS ENOUGH WEDDING.  He also directed THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2 and MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION. 



Love the look and vibe of this trailer.  Look for ANNABELLE to release October 3.  



Glen Oliver






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