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Published at: July 2, 2014, 1 p.m. CST by merrick


This development had been hinted at for some time, and even alluded to directly by Stallone himself.  But now it’s official…

The MPAA has officially decreed that EXPENDABLES 3 will be PG-13, in sharp contrast to the first two installments in the franchise, which were rated R.  

The second film’s 2012 release was famously, and sometimes hilariously…

EXP 2 Nerf  


…haunted by the specter of a PG-13 rating.  That filmed dodged a bullet, but said bullet was apparently a magic bullet and this new picture couldn't get out of its way.  

To be fair, I’ve recently seen a few PG-13 titles which imbued with a surprising amount of violence and tension.  This said, it’s a safe bet Part EXP 3’s vibe will be a far cry from the bold visceral jamboree witnessed in the original movie.  

THE EXPENDABLES 3 releases August 15.  



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