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New Guardians of the Galaxy TV spot and an awkward ET featurette appear online!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some more Guardians of the Galaxy tidbits as the big release draws near. I have two pieces for you. Good first and the not so good second.

And by not-so-good, I don't mean the footage, which continues to look bigger and more crazy fun the more we see. The footage looks good. It's the talking heads ET framing that is not so bueno, but we'll talk about that in a second. First, the good!

It's a new TV spot with what James Gunn says features another song off of Quill's compilation tape... Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Next up is ET's piece on the film, which is notable for a the little bit of extra footage and to see how the insanity of that particular team is being sold to the normies. “Rocket is kind of like Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man” is my favorite “oh, please regular people go see this!” moment.


I'm sold, you're sold. We already know that. Now Marvel just needs to get this fucking thing out there. I wanna see it so bad!

-Eric Vespe
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