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Shane Black and Fred Dekker to take on one ugly motherf*cker!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some exciting news for nerds like me. Predator is getting a reboot. We all knew it was coming. Robert Rodriguez's effort directed by Nimrod Antal had its heart in the right place and some interesting ideas, but never really caught on. The AvP movies are a disgrace and completely miss the point of both franchises. So, apart from a direct sequel starring Old Man Dutch a reboot was the most likely.

I've been hearing rumblings of this reboot coming, but even I wasn't prepared for just how excited I'd be at the concept, thanks solely on the writing team attached.

Fred Dekker and Shane Black were kind of a dream team in the 1980s. Their Monster Squad script turned into one of my all time favorite movies. Fred ended up directing that and Shane ended up writing some little crime movies starring Mel Gibson and making a ridiculous amount of money and we all thought that was that. But now the two have reteamed and will be bringing one ugly motherfucker with them.

THR broke the story that Shane Black will be writing a treatment which Dekker will pick up and run with. Black will direct.

Fitting, since Shane had a small role in original (“Jeez, ya' got a big pussy. Jeez, ya' got a big pussy!”) and because he's a hell of a writer and director. With the added magic of his chemistry with Dekker we know that no matter what their concept is for the reboot that we're going to some great character shooting hilarious barbs at each other. Knowing that we're getting a Predator movie that will have interesting and detailed human characters gets me worked up in all the right ways, let me tell ya'. In this day and age of amazing monster carnage at the click of a mouse button it's easy for the eyes to glaze over, but throw in some human beings I actually give a shit about and suddenly the eyes focus again and gleam with excitement.




-Eric Vespe
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