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‘What Comes Around!!’
A Trailer For BBC America’s Body-Snatching Series THE INTRUDERS, From X-FILES Writer-Producer Glen Morgan!!

I am – Hercules!!

In this case the body-snatchers are members of a secret society out to achieve immortality by jumping into young people. Kind of like “Being John Malkovich” with less funny.

“The Intruders” creator Glen Morgan wrote for “21 Jump Street,” “Booker,” and “The Commish,” and scripted 15 episodes of “The X Files,” 15 episodes of “Millennium,” 10 episodes of “Space: Above And Beyond” and five episodes of “The Others.”

For the big screen Morgan co-wrote the 2001 Jet Li vehicle “The One,” as well as “Final Destination,” and “Final Destination 3.” He also directed two movies from his own screenplays: the 2003 remake of “Willard” and 2006’s “Black Christmas.”

More recently Morgan wrote four episodes of this spring’s short-lived Chloe Sevigny A&E forensic psychologist drama “Those Who Kill.”

BBC America launches “The Intruders” Aug. 23.

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