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‘Jesus, Jack!!’
Hercules Has Seen Tonight’s 200th Episode Of 24!!

I am – Hercules!!

24 9.8 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Day 9: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM.”

Who’s responsible?
The 200th episode teleplay is credited to “24” co-creator Robert Cochran. This is Cochran’s first “24” teleplay credit since 2009’s seventh season and his first solo “24” teleplay credit since season six’s Jan. 15, 2007 episode.

What says Fox?
“In the milestone 200th episode, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) and President Heller (William Devane) endure the unthinkable to thwart the terror attacks of mastermind Margot Al-Harazi (guest star Michelle Fairley). Meanwhile, CIA agent Jordan Reed (Giles Matthey) faces a life or death struggle, and Kate (Yvonne Strahovski) takes drastic measures in a race against time to track down Margot before it’s too late.”

200th hour? Does that include the two hours of “24: Redemption” TV movie?
It does not, and I’m good with that. “Redemption,” for my money, was the worst two hours of “24” ever, and I’ve seen them all.

Margot’s deadline was 6 p.m.! Does Heller survive this episode’s first five minutes?
Heller isn’t even on screen until minute eight, at which point he shows Jack some footage from minute one. Specifically, Heller shows Bauer video of himself agreeing to be executed in the center of Wembley Stadium at 7 p.m.

Is Naked Mandy the new U.S. vice president?
Not unless she’s had a sex change; Heller refers to the VPOTUS as “him.”

Is the vice president a character we’ve met before?
We don’t learn this week.

Does skinny CIA computer-boy Jordan Reed get dry this week?
Not if you count his blood. The worse news for Reed, though, is the drenched nature of his phone. We get to see what he looks like when he’s yelling.

“Kate takes drastic measures”? Does she start torturing Simone, Bauer-style?
A British doctor tells Morgan and Navarro that Simone won’t safely regain consciousness for an hour or two, well past Margot’s deadline.

What’s doing with Chloe?
MIA until the episode’s final few minutes. “I don’t have what you’d exactly call an ideal working situation at the moment,” she explains to Bauer.

What about that traitorous Steve Navarro?
“Finish this,” Navarro hisses to his henchman. “Now.”

The big news?
Tonight’s episode is a game-changer for Bauer, who finds himself slowly slicing open a U.S. government employee we’ve met before.

Does he slice open Audrey’s swine of a husband?
Not this week.

What else is Fox not telling us?
The sun sets on “24” this week. If you know what I mean.

How does it start?
We see Simone wheeled into a new medical facility with CIA agents Kate Morgan and Steve Navarro right behind her.

What’s good?
Photoshopped Devane. Reed on the run. A reaction to Jack’s trademark brutality.

What’s not so good?
After tonight, only four 2014 episodes left.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
“I’ll do it.” Uggghhhn-Plop! Uggghhhhn-Plop! Ugggghhhn-Plop!

9 p.m. Monday. Fox.

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