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This New PADDINGTON Trailer Shows Kids Several Ways To Injure Themselves!!

Here’s a new trailer for PADDINGTON, due on screens this Christmas.


I'm not really a prude about such matters, and generally believe kids are quite a bit smarter than we tend to give them credit for.  I also think the bear, historically and as a character, is kinda cute and all that.  This said...this trailer really hit me the wrong way.  

While I appreciate the ear wax gag on an admittedly sophomoric level, The Powers That Be had better watch out.  Some kid’s gonna jam toothbrushes through his/her ears and scrape his/her brains out cuz they saw this damn bear doing it, and then there’ll be hell to pay.  Not to mention ODing on mouthwash, or drowning in a toilet.  

I mean...




Glen Oliver




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