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‘Not All Of Us, Chief!!’
Learn Which Iconic DC Comics Helmet Turns Up In The New Trailer For NBC's CONSTANTINE!! Hint: Not Sandman's!!

I am – Hercules!!

DC Comics isn’t making nearly as many movies as Marvel, but it’s giving Marvel a run for its money in TV. Joining The CW’s “Arrow” this upcoming season are Fox’s “Gotham,” The CW’s “Flash” and “iZombie” and NBC’s “Constantine,” the latter overseen by writer-producer David S. Goyer (“Man of Steel”).

The “Constatine” pilot briefly shows Dr. Fate’s helmet among a collection of mystical artifacts. Does this mean Khalid Ben-Hassin or Inza Nelson are going to come looking for it? That helmet can be glimpsed in the new trailer:

“Constantine” hits NBC Oct. 24

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