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The folks at Rooster Teeth are making a sci-fi comedy called LAZER TEAM and you can help!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The rise of Rooster Teeth has been incredible to watch over the last decade. From their early days of fucking around with Halo and creating one of the first machinima phenomenons in Red Vs Blue to the mini-empire they've built in Austin.

I've known Burnie and the gang there since the early days, so I've had a front row seat to much of their success. It's not secret that back in our not very successful attempt at video game coverage here at AICN we had a passionate guy named Jack Patillo that did a ton of work for us under the name Monki who ended up over at RT where he started a little thing called Achievement Hunter.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that these guys are the real deal, the rare creative team with a keen business sense and I can't wait to see them jump into the feature film game with their new project: Lazer Team, a sci-fi comedy that takes place a couple decades after we receive an alien message that... gosh darn it... we just don't seem to be able to translate.

They're crowdsourcing the budget and have the full breakdown of where the money is going, what they're using it for and even offer up a whole host of fantastic perks for doners.


Here's Burnie to appeal to you directly:



So, if you're a fan (and really who isn't) why not go ahead and pre-order their flick to help them actually make it?

-Eric Vespe
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