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New Star Wars Episode 7 set pics reveal a giant practical creature and a lived-in world!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It takes something as sweet as this brand new 45 image strong gallery of Star Wars Episode VII that makes me feel okay with linking to TMZ.

Forgetting that some crew member (or extra) will never be able to work in the industry again, I'm kind of in love with these images. Yes, there's a massive practical pig creature that sets my old school effects geekout through the roof, but there's also the fact that in all these images from the Dubai shoot the world seems to be lived in once again.

I understand that Lucas was very much wanting to give his prequel trilogy a different tone, but I feel like he went too far away from the lived-in feel of the original films and made everything too sterile. For my tastes, of course. I think he realized that before heading into Episode 3 because that's the only one of the prequel films to really try to visually tie itself to the Star Wars universe we know and love.

JJ Abrams and his crew don't seem to have that problem. Black smoke, dirty peasants, worn out equipment... and, yes, a giant pig creature that was manned by 5 puppeteers if TMZ is to be believed.

Dude's already pushing the right buttons for me. Love the announced cast, love the charity video and now I love these pics. Let's hope the script is up to snuff because if it is, then it'll be a beautiful new era for Star Wars nerds.


Awesome, right? Hat tip to @ryangallagher for bringing these to my attention so quickly after they were posted.

-Eric Vespe
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