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Set pics from TERMINATOR: GENESIS show Khaleesi/Sarah Connor drawing down and Arnie going grey!

Daily Mail scored a bunch of pics from the set of TERMINATOR: GENESIS, currently shooting in New Orleans, and even in these four shots, a few things can be deduced:


1. That John Connor joins Kyle Reese to protect young Sarah Connor (and, by extension, himself). This is the first time in the series that J.C. himself ventures back in time to "save the future," so to speak.


2. Given Sarah's youthful appearance, and the fact that her and Reese are both in some sort of hospital attire (thus implying they've already been through a scuffle or two together), this scene presumably takes place before she's given birth to her son, placing the timeline (at least of this scene) before the death of T1 Kyle Reese. Looks like there's some retconning going on all the way back to the events of the original TERMINATOR.


3. Based on the framing of these pictures, it's very possible that Arnie's T-800 will not be as central this time around, but will function as more of a silent, badass protector than as the center of the plot (making it more akin to TERMINATOR 3 than the first two films). There's a lot of plot to convey, it seems like, and Austrian-accented robo-speak (as charming as it may be) might not be as effective at getting it all across as just having a Reese and the grown-up John Connor deliver exposition.


4. It's still a treat to see Arnie going all stoic and badass as the T-800, even 30 years later. It's his return to the role that gets me more revved for this than anything else, and I'm really hoping this proves to be the "comeback" role that bridges the first and second chapters of his acting career the way THE LAST STAND and SABOTAGE failed to do.


5. (extra credit) Emilia Clarke can still look sexy and badass without the white hair. Wasn't 100% sure about that one until now.


Again, check out the pics for yourself here.



TERMINATOR: GENESIS shows the future we make for ourselves on July 1st, 2015.

-Vincent Kim-Zahedi
”Papa Vinyard”
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