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'No One Does!!'
Learn Hercules' Shocking Prediction As Sunday Brings The Year’s Final MAD MEN!!

I am – Hercules!!

My prediction? Bert Cooper will die before tonight’s episode ends. That cranky old racist fuck is going the way of “The Crazy Ones”: Cancelled!!

And his widow is going to let Roger cast her votes at the partners' meetings!


Last week:

* West Coast Sterling Cooper partners Pete and Ted suggested Peggy increase Don’s role in the Burger Chef campaign.

* Bob Benson bailed out a sodomy-happy auto exec and offered Joan a ring and a Detroit mansion.

* Pete stuck his beer in Trudy’s cake and learned he was not going to “fuck his way out of” dutch with the realtor girlfriend.

* Roger was propositioned in a steam room.


AMC says of tonight’s “Waterloo”:

Don receives a troubling letter, a risky venture entails a new future for Peggy, Roger gets an unexpected phone call and Pete butts heads with Cutler. Written by Carly Wray and Matthew Weiner, and directed by Matthew Weiner.

After tonight no 2014 episodes left!

After tonight only seven 2015 episodes left!

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