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Check out this action-packed clip from THE WELL!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with a pretty interesting glimpse of a new film I've been hearing about for the past few weeks. Full disclosure right out of the gate here, I know the director and I've heard vague descriptions of the film from him, but hadn't seen anything from it until just now (thanks to the badasses at BloodyDisgusting). The film premieres in a few weeks at the Los Angeles Film Festival, so while I've not yet seen it - the clip seems to speak for itself as to what we can expect. While THE WELL is Thomas S. Hammock's directorial debut, the guy's no stranger to genre films and has made a name for himself as a "go-to" Production Designer. He's designed the looks of flicks like YOU'RE NEXT, ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, and ADVENTURES IN THE SIN BIN. 

"THE WELL is a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the very near future. Fresh water, our most valuable commodity has run out and society has collapsed. In a drought-stricken Oregon valley, a greedy water baron, like so many railroad and cattle barons of yesteryear, is determined to clear out every survivor, even by the most violent means. Only our heroine Kendal, a brave 17 year-old grown far beyond her years, stand in the way of this villain and the evil water corporation that supports him. This harrowing story is built on action, suspense and compassion for one girl's gritty determination to fight for what's right, no matter the cost." (Taken straight from the film's IMDB page.)

It's got a premise I'm interested in, I'm a fan of the visual aesthetics the guy creates, and well (pun intended) the clip below has my curiousity piqued. The cast is full of talented folks, like Jon Gries (THE MONSTER SQUAD), Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR), Michael Masse (AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2), and more, so fingers crossed - all that talent adds up to a fun film. While I'll genuinely reserve judgment until I actually get a chance to check the movie out, it seems like it's a movie that's right up my alley. If you're hitting up LAFF and have a chance to see the thing, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. At any rate, let's check out the clip.

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- Mike McCutchen



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