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J.J. Wants To Put You In EPISODE VII!! + A Fleeting Glimpse Of An E7 Set & Alien!!


E7 billboard


STAR WARS EPISODE VII helmer J.J. Abrams has issued a video promoting an opportunity to appear in the new STAR WARS movie.  

In the course of the video, we glimpse - albeit in a limited manner - a new set from the film, likely the ‘marketplace’ we’ve previously heard about via word on the street.  

We also get our first look at a new creature from the picture.  I’m thinking this may be realized via 100% practical effects (!?!?) and I totally dig it (note the bobbing necks/heads in the cage on the creature’s back).  

The most significant takeaway from this reel is that the four wheeled, red cars we frequently see today apparently originated in a galaxy far, far away - and could feature prominently in the next STAR WARS bigscreen installment (due in theaters December 2015).  



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