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‘Look Who I'm Talking To!!’
Sunday Brings The Year’s
Almost-Last MAD MEN!!

I am – Hercules!!

On last week’s eventful episode:

* Ginsberg, who turned out to be an actual Mad Man, spotted Lou Avery and Jim Cutler talking like gay astronauts and cut off his nipple to save mankind from the computers.

* Sally fucked up her perfect nose.

* Betty explained to husband Henry that it takes brains to speak Italian.

* Megan, after she got a load of Don’s hot “niece” Stephanie, hurriedly drafted a $1,000 goodbye-check and engineered a three-way with Don and a member of her acting class.

* After a chance encounter with Harry Crane, Don returned to the Algonquin and announced he’s ready again to help the cigarette industry.

* The staff learned Lou secretly wants to get rich off the next Underdog.


1) As Lou Avery goes out of this way to torment Don, is he somehow wholly unaware that Don remains a founding partner at Sterling Cooper and counts the agency’s president, Roger Sterling, as one of Don’s best friends and allies? And where was Roger? Still walking to the bus station in upstate New York?

2) In a recent episode, Don got really drunk and announced he was taking off for a Mets game in the middle of the workday, with no repercussions. But in last week’s episode a sober Don can’t manage to leave on a Friday night to catch the last plane to join his wife in Los Angeles.

AMC says of tonight’s “The Strategy”:

Peggy collects research for a pitch; Pete receives an invitation to an exclusive club; Joan is eager to spend time with her friend.

After tonight only one 2014 episode left!

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