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Is this the release schedule through 2020 for the STAR WARS franchise!?!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Another day, another STAR WARS rumor. German site claims to have a source very high up at Hasbro and this source has reportedly revealed Disney’s STAR WARS schedule through 2020. It will begin this fall with the TV series STAR WARS REBELS, and then of course EPISODE VII in December of 2015. Those have both obviously been announced already, but we know that Disney plans on releasing a STAR WARS project every year.

With that in mind, following EPISODE VII will reportedly be a Boba Fett film that has been rumored for some time now and then EPISODE VIII in 2017. A solo Han Solo film (shut up, it had to be done) will then be released in 2018, followed by the conclusion to the new trilogy in 2019. The most surprising title on this list however is RED FIVE in 2020. Red Five was the call sign used by the fifth member of the Red Squadron. Anakin and Luke Skywalker flew as Red Five so what this film could possibly be is a mystery to me. Is it going to be TOP GUN in the STAR WARS universe? Will it revolve around Luke or Anakin or be a separate story entirely? Hard to guess.

The other interesting bit about this report is that it doesn’t specify whether STAR WARS will go back to being a summer release as it traditionally has been. We know that EPISODE VII is being released in December which gave Abrams more time to rework the script. If it works out really well though, Disney will probably leave STAR WARS during the holiday season. Imagine having Marvel to dominate the summer months and having Pixar/Disney Animation/Star Wars to dominate the holiday season? Slowly but surely Disney is taking over the world.

*Some sites have already been asked by Hasbro to take this information down. Take that as you will.*

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