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UPDATE W/ NON-KOREAN VERSION!! The new TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION trailer has been released... in South Korea...

Published at: May 15, 2014, 2:20 a.m. CST by hercules

Hey folks, Harry here - sure... shortly - we'll have an English language version of the trailer... and basically so is this, it's just all the burn ins are in Korean, so...  you'll have to guess at the various slugs they distribute throughout the latest trailer... but Grimlock breathes fire like Godzilla... but Harry be happier if Grimlock speak like Harry and that Harry not see yet!   I'm curious - it looks fun.   Without the LeBeouf... and with the Wahlberg instead... this might be the very best of the TRANSFORMERS movies...  But... we'll see.   Ehren Kruger wrote it.   Bay directed it.   Where are y'all at this time?




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