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The "First Look" at GOTHAM raises more questions...

Hey folks, Harry here... I've always had a love for Live Action televised superhero shows... even when they frankly sucked.  For the longest time, it's where it was cool.   I mean, watching Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno in THE INCREDIBLE HULK and omg Linda in WONDER WOMAN...  I loved that as a kid.   There's been terrible shows, I'd watch... because I was hoping for a bright spot.  A moment that they did get right, rather than focusing on the overwhelming negative.

I don't want to hate a show called GOTHAM.   I actually like the aesthetic look of the show...  The premise, in regards to James Gordon is genuinely intriguing...  but if this story starts with the death of the parents Wayne...  and continues with origins of teenage Catwoman...  mid-thirties Penguin... etc...   And Bruce Wayne is still that kid in the alley age...   That puts an enormous age differential between himself and his Rogues Gallery that... I'm not really sure I like.

Now... if the show began with the Alley Incident and jumped to teenage Wayne, then the ages of all these pre-villains would make more sense to me.   But this is what I call a hangup.   It's just one hang up.   A pre-Batman Gotham falling to ruins, at its best... it could be as great as SEVEN...  but I don't see that happening.   Right now, my fave dark seedy criminal show that's active is HANNIBAL.   TRUE DETECTIVE is a whole different level.   But I'll be there for every episode.   Cuz... well, I'm invested in the universe that they're going to play in - and occassionally... I might think... COOL.

Now some of you have been asking me if I love the ARROW, why do I not force Herc into covering it.   I don't FORCE anyone on AICN to anything.   This site and the writers that write upon it are free to explore what they want with the passion they want.   The Bullpen on the Movie side is generally a room where we decide who is most jazzed to talk about something or get the news out.   Herc is given a great deal of automony, like everyone else.  

I didn't love THE ARROW at the beginning, because I wasn't watching.   I hate commercials.  Hate them.   I feel they interupt the dramatic flow of a show... so the only TV I watch on my screen first run tends to be the HBO shows I love... and everything else I watch is via Computer subscriptions via either iTunes or Amazon.   Again, so I can avoid commercials.   I think you'll be seeing me more often on the site in general.  I was a tad burned out for a bit there.  It happens to the best of us.   Write about something for 18 years and be your own boss...  it's all about self-motivation - and when you're in love, when you've got a lot in your life, its essential to take a step away and to designate control to others.   I've done that.   But now, I'm fully awake.   

I'm so happy as a geek, it's the craziest happy I've been since those first 5 years of AICN.   I'm still doing rehab, still happily married, so the days, nights and days - when I'd spend 36 hours consecutively at the computer working... and 5 hours of sleep... that's behind me.   I'll never have that kind of dedication again.   It almost killed me.   Now I'm a carb eater before my workouts, a protein fiend after and 8-9 hours or rest every day.   I have to, it's about rebuilding myself, so I can really get on with my life.

BUT ya know what...  I love where the Geek world is right now.   Oh yeah, this was about GOTHAM...   I'm intrigued by the show.  Like the look, have a myriad of questions from this "First Look" - but ya know what I'm sure of?   I want to see even more...


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