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THE FLASH teaser features THE ARROW and is awesome!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love THE ARROW - and the origin episode of The Flash is still my highlight, but that's because I fucking love Barry Allen FLASH. I adored the original series back in the day - but even more... I loved the original Silver Age run on THE FLASH...   He had one of the best Rogues Gallerys...   I loved Heatwave and Captain Cold - and of course Gorilla Grodd - and I've no idea what they'll do for the series.  I mean, THE ARROW has gotten an astonishing amount of traction out of Deathstroke... and it's been wonderful to watch...   But this teaser does something that sort of fries my brain like a beignet!   And that's put live action Green Arrow and live action Flash in a duel of talents which... has me giddy as a schoolboy at recess!   This is awesome!



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