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Pairing Noomi Rapace and Will Smith together is BRILLIANCE!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

Back in February, Will Smith was reported to be in talks for an adaptation of Marcus Sakey's novel from last year, BRILLIANCE. Now, there's word that Noomi Rapace is Legendary and director Julius Onah's pick for Smith's female lead in the David Koepp-scripted sci-fi flick.


BRILLIANCE takes place in a world where about 1% of American children, known as "brilliants," possess mutant powers, and a group called Equitable Services are tasked with hunting down the more destructive ones. When E.S. hires a former soldier to track down the leader of the "brilliant" subversives, he finds himself pitted between both sides, the government agency who wants to keep these mutants in check and the "terrorists" trying to make a place for themselves in American society.


Will Smith is (presumably) going to play Cooper, the lead, while I'd guess Rapace is lined up to play Shannon Azzi, Cooper's contact in the "brilliant" organization.


Rapace is a unique, adaptable, and highly memorable talent, and has shown great promise across such diverse projects as the GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO trilogy, PROMETHEUS, PASSION, DEAD MAN DOWN, and SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS. Pairing her off with Will Smith gives this project a strong boost of credibility, and a hint that this might be a more interesting and significant project than Smith's AFTER EARTH.


Director Julius Onah is untested when it comes to this kind of tentpole, but with Smith's experience and Rapace's eyecatching acting abilities, I don't think his lead actors should be high on his list of concerns (at least until it comes time to finding room on location for Smith's trailer…).


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