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STAR WARS VII getting busy out in the salt flats of Abu Dhabi!!! & Harry has Star Warsy Storm Trooper thoughts!

Hey folks, Harry here...  over at The National they're reporting that things are heating up around the sets built with shooting set to commence this Tuesday and through till the end of May!   Their report continues to state that an "entire world" has been built upon "an otherworldly salt lake"!  I did a search for Abu Dhabi Salt Lakes - cuz... ya know... I wanted to see maybe what we're talking about - here's one otherworldly evocative shot with the Milky Way Galaxy in the sky!!!!  

The article continues with "a “shuttle-like” spacecraft, a large tower, a “big, centuries-old-looking market”, something the crew are reportedly referring to as the “alien house” and 10 to 15 “really fast buggies” powered by jet engines (landspeeders of Tatooine fame from the previous films, perhaps?)"  

I'm personally dying to see a centuries old STAR WARSy market!  

As I've been having STAR WARSY thoughts - I had this notion.  Are we gonna have STORMTROOPERS?   I mean, with them saying they're not going to follow the storyline of the expanded universe...  and this is 30-35 years after Jedi...  and the Star Wars Universe had a shit ton of Stormtroopers all over the galaxy far far away...  - Of course, I'm also curious what happened to all those Clone Troopers from the Prequels.   They weren't really around in STAR WARS, EMPIRE or JEDI...   But it sure would be cool if Lucasfilm made Stormtroopers as awesome as they made the Clone Troopers in the CLONE WARS.  

I mean, STORM TROOPERS weren't actually EVIL uniformly, they were working stiffs holding down a job, serving the greater good of the Empire, so far as they knew.  After the second Death Star blew up - right now - as fans.... we're kind of collectively in the dark until we see this new film.   I mean, the Rebels are partying as Ewoks cook up Stormtroopers for all on that Forest Moon of Endor and we know from... ahem, the Special Editions that the entire universe partyied.   But what about that next day?  Ok, sure - let the party rage, but then intergalactic commerce and government must get underway - and the Galactic Senate isn't there to govern.   There's no longer a Death Star to keep the various systems in line....  And, then there's the pesky fact that there was a fleet of fucking Star Destroyers out there... but by no means was that ALL the Star Destroyers.   I'm kinda hoping STORM TROOPERS are going to be out there in that Abu Dhabi centuries-old market.   OR...  is there a shit load of unemployed muscle running around with blasters... if so... are there roving gangs of WILD BUNCH style Troopers that are pulling wicked ingenious jobs?   Basically...  What do you think?   Will Kasdan and JJ give us Stormtroopers or will they turn into something else.   Personally... I want Storm Troopers.   How about you?

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