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POWER RANGERS Morphing For The Big Screen!!


Power Rangers




POWER RANGERS are being rebooted on the big screen. 

Saban, longtime overseer of the brand here in the U.S., is teaming with Lionsgate for a new film -  a title they hope will be the beginning of a live-action feature film franchise.   

The new film will cast a new group of high school kids who mix their studies and social lives with the mission to save the world

…says THIS piece at Deadline.  

POWER RANGERS have made it to the big-screen before in the US via MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE and TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE.  Both came around back in the 90s and neither set the world on fire.  It’ll be interesting to see how current audiences respond to the franchise given the filmmaking techniques and technologies which might now be used to realize the conceit’s innate visual effects and spectacle.  

As of publication, I’ve seen no indication regarding how this new movie will affect the show’s television presence - although a press release about this picture pointedly mentions Lionsgate’s HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT franchises, so it's likely safe to assume this new iteration of the RANGERS may skew ‘darker’ and ‘grittier.’

More as we know more…




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