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Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell Join MR. RIGHT!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Everybody loves the presence and charm that both Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick bring to any film they are working on. It's impossible not to - they're both charming hell. They are two of the very best that Hollywood has to offer, and their presance on any film is enough to grab my attention and be worth a closer look.

Deadline is reporting that are about to team up on a new project from CHRONICLE writer Max Landis. MR. RIGHT, to be directed by Paco Cabezas (TOKAREV) will focus on a young woman (Kendrick) who has been struggling in the dating scene and seems to have finally found her Mr. Right (Rockwell). The twist is that he is a reformed hitman and it isn't long before his checkered past finally catches up with him.

On paper, this plot isn't terribly exciting and really isn't anything we haven't seen out of the rom-com scene before. But the talent and charisma of both Rockwell and Kendrick certainly has the potential to elevate it into something different. 

What do you guys think?


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