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If Frank Underwood Were A James Bond Villain… Behold A Trailer For CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE!!


COD: AW in game


As of yesterday, this announcement regarding the next CALL OF DUTY game was scheduled to release Sunday.  

Well, looks like plans changed a bit - a trailer for the next installment in the hugely popular and successful franchise actually rolled out last night.   

The premise and aesthetic both seem imminently promising, but I’m sensing a mighty deep uncanny valley as far as Spacey is concerned.  None the less, it’s looking like I wasn’t far off in regards to the exo-skeleton-suit things we saw yesterday basically being a riff on the G.I. JOE or TITANFALL armor.  Which is not a complaint in any way - as, personally, I’d love to slide on an outfit like that and turn into an instant superhero.    





Glen Oliver




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