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Nordling here.

The 1966 FANTASTIC VOYAGE is a classic science fiction film, no doubt about it.  It's still entertaining, has a great cast, and it's inspired not just science fiction writers and fans, but doctors, nurses, and scientists of all kinds. We've seen riffs off this story from such television shows as FUTURAMA and FAMILY GUY, and at one point there was an animated series in 1968.  I have fond memories of the film, although it's been many years since I've seen it.

It's a film that's inspired the likes of James Cameron too, and he's been quietly developing the remake project as a producer.  So you can bet that this will be a stunning movie to see in 3D.  But who will write it?  Hollywood Reporter has stated that the screenwriter will be David Goyer (of Nolan's BATMAN films), and that FANTASTIC VOYAGE, languishing since 2011, will now be on the fast track through Lightstorm Entertainment.  Who should direct?  That still isn't answered.  I doubt someone like Christopher Nolan would be interested, considering he's covering similar thematic material in INTERSTELLAR.  But someone with a good vision should be required.

This sub-genre of science fiction has always been fun.  I love INNERSPACE, and it's probably high time someone's done this story right, with today's technology.  I'm curious if the new film will abandon the Cold War angle and tell a different story.  Perhaps a new version of FANTASTIC VOYAGE will inspire a new generation to get involved with biology and medicine.  Or, perhaps the miniature ship will be dodging poop in some poor bastard's colon.  In 3D no less!

Nordling, out.

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