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The big budget, GHOSTBUSTERS-like tentpole, PIXELS gets a release date!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

After yesterday’s big JUSTICE LEAGUE news, and the expectation of an imminent STAR WARS announcement, the rest of the news in the movie world is going to seem small by comparison. Keeping that in mind, Sony has officially announced a May 15th, 2015 release date for their Adam Sandler-starring, Chris Columbus-directed, sci-fi comedy, PIXELS. With that date, PIXELS is currently scheduled to go up against MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and PITCH PERFECT 2.

Sony is envisioning this as a tentpole in the same vein as GHOSTBUSTERS, JUMANJI, or NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. (A big budget sci-fi adventure with a strong element of comedy.) It is based on a short film that hit in 2010, and revolves around an alien invasion that is accidentally triggered by signals from classic arcade games. Kevin James will play the President of the United States (I know) who recruits a childhood friend (Adam Sandler) to help battle the aliens. Other cast members include Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, and Josh Gad.

Here is the original short film:

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