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‘What The Hell’s Going On In Here??’ Sunday Brings One Of The Final 12 MAD MENs!!

I am – Hercules!!

Last week brought a more eventful episode:

* There was a mix-up with the roses delivered to Peggy’s secretary.

* Bert Cooper didn’t like that Dawn could be seen from the elevators.

* Jim Cutler moved Joan to the second floor and said he’d hate to think of Roger as an enemy.

* Pete Campbell learned he had to report to Bob Benson after landing a big new Southern California dealership client.

* Everybody seems to miss Don except Cutler.

* Don explained over lunch that he had a job and a contract.

* Sally discovered someone else in her dad’s office -- and told Don she loved him (even though he lies to her).

AMC says of tonight’s “Field Trip”:

Don takes an unexpected trip; Betty dines with a friend; Harry promotes a cause; the partners consider an asset.

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