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Trailer for '80's-Set Coming-of-Age Flick PING PONG SUMMER!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Hello, nostalgia! Gravitas Ventures has released the first trailer for the coming-of-age comedy PING PONG SUMMER. Written and directed by Michael Tully, the film is set in the '80's and follows a 13-year-old boy (Marcello Conte) as he navigates his way from childhood into adulthood while on vacation with his family, and also happens to become involved in the local underground ping pong scene. 

At first glance, you'd be tempted to roll your eyes and brush it off as an easy grab for hokey nostalgia love, but if you watch the trailer, it looks like it could be a lot of fun. The story and its main character certainly look relatable and the '80's references seem to be charmingly well-integrated into the film, rather than standing front and center in the harsh, cheesy spotlight.

The film boasts and impressive cast, including Lea Thompson, Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris, John Hannah and Judah Friedlander. 

PING PONG SUMMER opens on VOD and in theaters June 6th. Check out the trailer below.




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