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Stallone Talks EXPENDABLES Casting Approach!! Nicholson!?!?




Stallone spoke with IGN about the current approach to casting his EXPENDABLES films.  

Interestingly, Sly insinuates that the productions are becoming more interested in acting ability than action background - noting Kelsey Grammer’s appearance in the franchise’s third installment, due on screens this August.  

“I want to get, if possible, the most unique actors from the past and just put ‘em out there once and for all, you know? It just seems like an interesting… quest to do that, because I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen again. And we’re certainly not getting any younger.”

…says Sly in THIS piece at IGN, in which he goes in to reveal that…

“I was going to go [call] up Jack Nicholson and we just got there a little too late, because actually he had said he might be interested in it,” he reveals.  “So there are still interesting avenues out there…”

This is cool, and sticking with this notion could well open THE EXPENDABLES films up to a universe of compelling and fun possibilities.  

With this in mind, who would you like to see in an EXPENDABLES film - someone who’s not necessarily an action star?   Costner?  Shatner?  Eddie Murphy?  I’m assuming the list of candidates would be  predominantly dude-centric, as The Powers That Be are currently launching THE EXPENDABELLES -  a female iteration of the EXPENDABLES conceit



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