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‘You Can’t Make It Better!!’
Herc’s Seen MAD MEN 7.1!!

I am – Hercules!!

Mad Men 7.1 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Time Zones.”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to series mastermind Matthew Weiner.

What says AMC?
“Don makes a new friend. Joan meets a client for drinks. Peggy hears impressive new work. Roger has a puzzling phone call.”

Is Don back working for Sterling Draper?
I am specifically prohibited from discussing this or any aspect of Don’s work situation.

In what year does season seven begin?
I am specifically prohibited from discussing this too. I’ll only remind that season one began in March 1960 and season six ended in November 1968. (Look for Harry Hamlin’s Jim Cutler to offer a huge clue early on, and Don’s TV set to offer great specificity late in the episode.)

Who is Don’s new friend?
The new friend is played by someone you’re going to recognize.

Which client does Joan meet?
Not Avon. Or Jaguar. Another.

Whose impressive new work does Peggy hear?
It’s someone we’ve met before, and Peggy hears this new work in the very first scene. “That’s a home run,” she marvels. “Actually, it’s kind of an end-run.”

Is that someone Sal Romano?
Sal was last seen in season three.

What is the nature of Roger’s puzzling call?
It’s from someone he knows quite well.

Have Don and Megan split?
That would be telling.

Are Megan and Don now living in Los Angeles?
That would also be telling.

Can you tell us about any new characters?
I am not permitted!

Did Dewey kill that DEA agent played by Eric Roberts?

How does it start?
“Are you ready?” a character we’ve not seen since season five asks, staring right at us. “Because I want you to pay attention. This is the beginning of something.”

In what order do we meet the main characters?
Peggy. Roger. Joan. Don. Pete.

Betty and Sally?
Do not appear this week. We don’t see much of Bert Cooper either.

The big news?
A 40-year-old famous for a role in a horror movie joins the cast.

What else is AMC not telling us?
Allan Havey, who played ad man Lou Avery in two episodes of “Mad Men” last year, appears in the 7th-season premiere.

What’s good?
Stevie Winwood. Lost Horizon. The size of Roger’s bed. The depth-perception gag. “I feel like we really got somewhere last night.” “It feels like more.” “He can have her.” “Everyone says they can tell where the fire starts.” “You can blame Madison Avenue for that.” “Move him over too.” “I’m sorry but I have to get back to work.” “Nothing. You can’t make it better.”

What’s not so good?
Only one hour for the season premiere, and only seven hours total this year!

How does it end, spoiler boy?
With a figure in a robe!

10 p.m. Sunday. AMC.

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