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Actors from THE OFFICE, SNL, Derrick Comedy, and TWILIGHT goofily play sports in this trailer for INTRAMURAL!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

This trailer's the first time I'm hearing about the second film from director Andrew Disney (no relation), INTRAMURAL, but it's looking like a lively, funny take on the sports comedy genre. There are a bunch of recognizable faces in here, including THE OFFICE's Jake Lacy as the lead, Caleb, who reunites his college intramural football team to face down their longtime rivals in a redemption match honoring his paralyzed former teammate. Current SNL cast members Jay Pharoah, Beck Bennett, and Kate McKinnon, TWILIGHT/THIRTEEN's Nikki Reed, and Derrick Comedy alum D.C. Pierson also pop their heads in


Even if the overall tone is very loud and broad (more NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE than WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER), this got more solid laughs outta me than I would've expected. I'm not gonna lie, I've watched the trailer twice, and that headbutt bit got me both times. Plus, I'm a sucker for well-matched comedians in commentator roles (Gary Cole and Jason Bateman in DODGEBALL remain hilarious on repeat viewings, and Stephen Colbert and Jim Gaffigan singlehandedly elevate THE LOVE GURU), and I definitely look forward to seeing more of Pharoah and Pierson's sideline jokesters.


What do you guys think? MAJOR LEAGUE or MAJOR LEAGUE: BACK TO THE MINORS (or more appropriately, AIR BUD or AIR BUD: SEVENTH INNING FETCH)?



INTRAMURAL kicks off at Tribeca on April 19th.

-Vincent Kim-Zahedi
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