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Check Out this Creepy, Awesome Trailer for BORGMAN!!!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Drafthouse Films has released a trailer for BORGMAN, a Dutch film that played crazy-well on the festival circuit, drawing comparisons to the work of Michael Haneke and Giorgos Lanthimos. I had read some of the early reactions to this film, and am psyched to finally have the chance to check out some footage. This flick looks crazy and twisted in all the right ways. 

Written and directed by Alex Van Warmerdam, the film tells the story of a strange drifter who uproots the lives of a middle-class family with his unexpected arrival into their home. 

This trailer is fantastically unnerving, with star Jan Bijvoet offering up a truly haunting presance in the titular role. Drafthouse rarely disappoints with its acquisitions, and from what I've heard, this one will be just as strange and awesome as you would hope.

Check out the trailer below. BORGMAN is set for release on June 6th.

What do you guys think?



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