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MTV Movie Awards drops the first GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY scene!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  MTV.Com has just dropped this, our first "clip" from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which was a part of the first trailer, but not as extensive as it is here.  I'm kinda going GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY crazy personally.   Knowing the comic, but even moreso... knowing James Gunn's work...   Then just knowing how high MARVEL is on this film...  and the fact that everything looks golden...  I'm just dying.  I want this now.   I loved CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER - really have gone totally gaga for it, but while the two THOR Films have played with the Marvel Cosmic universe... it has done it in a very small way.   Much like AVENGERS, where it was mainly an Earthly adventure.   Here...  here we begin to explore what Marvel's brains have thought when looking up into the night skies and imagined the possibilities.    I rewatched SLITHER over the weekend.   Such a great fun horror movie!   Knowing Gunn's influences that we've seen in the films he's written and directed, we know he's a fearless and fun director - he's never been given these kinds of toys and worlds to play with.   I'm expecting greatness!   Here ya go...



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