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What's this? An inspired choice to direct the SINISTER SIX flick?!?


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Holy smokes, this is good news. I admire Joss Whedon. The man knows how to flesh out characters in a short time period and do so with genuine humor and wit. However, I think he got way too much credit for the awesomeness of Cabin in the Woods. Not saying he didn't deserve it and wasn't a big part of what made that movie work, but his partner in crime Drew Goddard did a hell of a job directing and co-scripting.

Goddard is already doing that Daredevil/Netflix thing, but if Deadline is correct then he's about to dip his toe into another corner of the Marvel universe. Deadline reports that he is very close to a deal to direct the Sinister Six movie they're building up to with the new Spider-Man movies.

This puts Goddard in a rather unique position. He's working with Sony on their big Marvel property and with Marvel Films itself on one of their major characters. Add into the mix that Goddard and Whedon go back a long way as friends and collaborators and you have my geek-out version of Spidey-sense tingling.

We know Fox will never ever ever ever let Marvel have Fantastic Four or X-Men back (one of the main reasons development hell hasn't swallowed the incredibly troubled attempt to reboot FF, I hear), but Sony isn't quite in the same place of strength (or dickishness) that Fox is. Could we see the two studios team up? All I'm saying is it would blow fan's minds if Spidey swung onto the Stark Tower balcony at the end of Age of Ultron.

Anyway, Goddard is a fantastic choice for Sinister Six. His cinematic eye is sharp and I think he'll kick this thing's ass. As long as he doesn't change one goddamn thing about Mysterio. That Alex Ross art above is damn near perfect. Don't mess with it!

The Deadline story adds that Sony is planning on pumping out another Spider-Man film in 2016 before Sinister Six goes on to film, so that gives Goddard plenty of time to develop the flick and get Daredevil squared away.


-Eric Vespe
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