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Details On The POINT BREAK Remake Emerge!!

Collider has some details about the forthcoming POINT BREAK remake, which…for a film which arguable doesn’t need to be made at all…is sounding a tad interesting.   

Some promising points from Producers Broderick Johnson and Andrew A. Kosove, who reveal that some level of photography on the film has already commensed, even though principal photography doesn’t begin ‘till June…

(JOHNSON) We’ve actually been in photography on the film, beginning our stunt work with our real athletes.  This is a movie with a lot of stunts and no stunt people in it because the stunts are way too dangerous for people who are stunt people. 

When asked about whether the remake’s script follows the narrative of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 film, Johnson continues…

Not at all.  The script only shares in common with the original the characters and the nature of the character dynamic between Utah and Bodhi and their relationship.  Everything else about the movie is different.  The narrative of the movie is different.  While we do have surfing in the film, it is only a subset of the extreme sports that we deal with, including free-climbing, motocross, wing-suiting and so forth.  The movie is being shot in 10 countries across the globe.  

10 countries?  Wowzers…that’s quite an undertaking both creatively and logistically.  

Read more about the POINT BREAK remake HERE. Starring Gerard Butler under the direction of Ericson Core, it’s due on screens July 2015.




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