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The new 60-sec GODZILLA spot asks puny humans to have courage... HAH! GODZILLA STOMP!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Just spotted this new 60 second GODZILLA spot, titled COURAGE, and it just looks absolutely terrific.  I can't wait to see this thing!  I just have no immunity when it comes to getting excited about GODZILLA... but this time, I think the Yanks might've actually made a fucking badass GODZILLA movie.   Wouldn't that be something?   I mean - y'all are all watching CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER this weekend - and I imagine most of you are really high on this film, on Marvel...  and we all absolutely should.   I mean, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY can't get her soon enough...  But if you watch this spot...  Just imagine Fin Fang Foom...  giggle.  What an age we live in.   Seriously...  I want this movie to catch on big if it deserves it.  Gareth Edwards has put together a really incredible cast.  I just want the film to just blow us completely away.  Then I want PACIFIC RIM's sequel.  Then DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.   Yeah.   That'd be nice.


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