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Eli Roth KNOCK KNOCKed on the door of Keanu Reeves, and he totally answered!!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...


Remember that Eli Roth flick, KNOCK KNOCK, we told you about back in February? Well, Roth has, "in what has to be record time," amassed his cast for his latest feature, and for the first time in Roth's career, his leading man is an A-lister (not to knock Rider Strong or Jay Hernandez). According to Roth himself, Neo "Theodore" Utah himself, Keanu Reeves, is going to star in the "psychological thriller" as a family man whose home gets…approached by two young girls with questionable motives. Hmm…sounds like the start of HOSTEL, no? Wonder if things are going to work out better for Keanu than they did for those guys? (laughs) Just kidding, he's fucked.


Read Roth's thoughts on the project below:


“I had a window before I promote Green Inferno, and I wanted to make a movie like Roman Polanski or Paul Verhoeven made when they were young, a classic psychosexual thriller that’s not a horror movie, but would have everyone on the edge of their seats. Getting Keanu is amazing, he’s a fine actor who is perfect for this. I feel I can have this movie ready for Toronto if I need to, and he’s catching a plane tomorrow and we’ll be fitting him for wardrobe right away."


Like parts of Roth's last movie, THE GREEN INFERNO, KNOCK KNOCK will shoot in Chile, allegedly starting less than two weeks from now. Roth's above quote, Keanu's casting, and the presence of Colleen Camp (!!) as both producer and co-star have placed this movie firmly on my radar. It seems like this is his least horror-y of Roth's projects to date, and I'm all for him leaving his comfort zone, particularly with a dude like Keanu in tow. Reeves gets a lot of flack for his patented "wooden" style of acting, but he once again proved his geek mettle last year by directing THE MAN OF TAI CHI (which I highly recommend if you still haven't seen it), and even his haters have to admit he's effective in the right roles. So what if his English accent is a tad goofy?


At the very least, knowing Roth, I'd hope that he feeds his lead actor some excellent "Keanu moments." Like this one.


-Vincent Kim-Zahedi
”Papa Vinyard”
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