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New Trailer for Gorefest BLOOD GLACIER!!!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

This is freaking AWESOME! IFC Midnight has released a new trailer for their upcoming film BLOOD GLACIER, from director Marvin Kren (RAMMBOCK). It was formerly titled THE STATION, but if we're being honest (and we are) BLOOD GLACIER is a way better title. Especially once you take a look at the footage.

Gore descends upon the Alps in this grisly tale of snowbound terror. Janek (Gerhard Liebmann), a prickly, lone-wolf technician, is part of a team of researchers investigating global warming at a remote weather station in the mountains. One day the group makes a seriously gruesome discovery: a giant glacier oozing what appears to be blood and, worse, transforming all in its wake into monstrous genetic hybrids. Soon Janek is at war with Mother Nature--including mutant foxes and terrifying insect-animal crossbreeds--in this blood-splattered creature feature affectionately inspired by John Carpenter's THE THING.

You see plenty of examples of its creature feature roots in this new trailer, which pays particular attention to showcasing the killer-looking practical effects. It's got a very classic-era feel to it, before CGI creatures took the place of real ones. Or, as real as we could get them. Looks like it could be a lot of fun. 

It was also announced as part of the Stanley Film Festival program, so if you're lucky enough to be headed there later this month, you'll get a chance to see it.

For the rest of us, the film hits theaters and VOD on May 2nd. What do you guys think?


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